Parents of PF Resident

Dear Ms. Frum,

Our son has been a resident at Providence Farms since February 2018. Prior to this he was in his junior year on an academic scholarship to the Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana.

Providence Farms provides a spacious and relatively secluded location which enables a nurturing and safe environment. The on-site 24/7 staff who interact with and ensure the accountability and safety of the residents is unique. We cannot stress enough how critical the overall environment has been to our son’s recovery, learning and assimilation back into productive society.

Providence Farms mandates that all residents participate in full-time school and/or work to ensure that they are out of the residence and engaged in productive experiences like any other Northbrook resident. This enables Providence Farms to provide a rigorous and accountable home away from home environment. In addition, all residents must proactively participate in local community outreach and charitable engagements. The Providence Farms residential environment and structured accountable approach ensures that the all residents are respectful and engaged members of the Northbrook community.

There are no other residential recovery programs in the Chicago area like Providence Farms, and we feel incredibly grateful that our son can benefit from both the environment and therapy he is receiving there. We applaud you and the Village Board of Northbrook for supporting the mission of Providence Farms and allowing a place in your community for young people to regain their lives, dignity and future.