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Educ / Voc Support

Often, one of the more frustrating consequences to substance use issues in young adulthood is the interruption of our vocational and educational goals.

Providence men have an unbelievably effective community of support, starting with a full-time, on-site case manager

Providence residents have often attempted and left college one or more times, or have struggled to keep their schoolwork on par with their achievement capability. Perhaps the most damaging part of these educational struggles is the loss of confidence that too often follows. Our parents’ and our own impatience with the recovery process often causes us to make the same mistakes again and again. What we know is that folks in recovery are most successful when they start slow, establish a solid foundation of recovery, stay humble and lean on their supports.

Other specific support services include:
  • Course tutoring in all subject areas
  • Paper writing assistance and proof-reading
  • Resume and cover-letter development
  • Organization and Executive Functioning coaching
  • Internship applications and connections
  • Interview skill development
  • Connecting residents to specific college programs for non-traditional students
  • Attendance at college advising meetings
  • Assistance with job-seeking and applications

Additionally, community residents are engaged to help Providence men find local jobs, Chicagoland internships, and to facilitate professional connections.

Once you are part of the Providence community, you are one of us. Our resources and connections will remain available as long as you stay connected to the community.