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Our Philosophy

At Providence, we know recovery is achievable.

We believe in wholehearted investment in our residents and in their inherent worth.

We believe in their potential. Twenty-three and a half million Americans are living in long-term, sustained recovery, yet stigma surrounding substance use disorders persists. The shame and discrimination preventing many sufferers from accessing help must be vigorously combatted.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide leadership and education for a compassionate North Shore community.

We believe that building a safe, supportive and vibrant society for recovery is the responsibility of all of us in Northbrook and on the North Shore. These are our young men, and none of us are immune.

We believe a life in recovery must include building a foundation that includes work, family, friends, adventure, service, health and wellness, and FUN. A life in recovery must be more compelling than the using lifestyle it replaces.

We believe that building a life in recovery should be done in the communities our residents call home, and that minimizing multiple transitions is the safest approach to sustained recovery.

We believe recovery is not a destination. It is a lifetime journey we will take with our residents and their loved ones. No one can survive this journey alone and no one needs to.

We believe the acceptance and support of community will positively contribute to our residents’ recovery. In turn, we believe our residents will enrich and inspire our community.

We believe that the best leaders for recovery are people in recovery. Providence alumni have a responsibility to serve both the community that welcomes us, and the residents who follow them.  We believe we can open hearts and minds. We believe our community can change the way substance use disorders are understood and treated.

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