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Family Support

We believe individuals, families, and communities must heal together.

There is little scarier than watching our kids struggle. Parenting can feel like our hearts live outside our bodies. Nothing matters as much as the health and happiness of our children.

When our loved ones are battling mental health and substance abuse, parents’ emotions range from terrified, heartbroken, furious, and back to terrified.

Parents may try to control, rescue, deny, justify, or punish their way through this fear.

Our family journeys to recovery are complex and varied. Loving our young men means that we take part of this journey with them, and also that we learn there are parts of this journey they must take alone.

The Details

Providence families work closely as a team with a PF family therapist. Often, our loved one’s greatest asset in recovery is the support and change of dynamics within the family.

  • Parents meet with a PF clinician weekly for family therapy.
  • Parent support group sessions meet via zoom each month.
  • Parents may additionally join a weekly parent “check-in” group session with other PF families.

PF therapists help families create boundaries around resident home visits and parents visit to the farm. We are here to support families grow comfortable with healthier, more mature interactions.

Connecting with Other Families

Each quarter, PF hosts our exceptionally attended and deeply loved Multi-Family Group and Brunch. This event connects our families to one another and to the residents who are sharing this journey with your loved one. Families  learn from other residents about their paths to healing and their ever evolving understanding of life lived in recovery.

PF families have created a support community of their own. Just as Providence men provide fellowship for one another, the Providence community of parents create a supportive fellowship of their own.