Resident Mentor

Hi, I'm Shawn - I'm one of the live-in mentors at Providence Farm. To me, recovery is a miracle.

I have 14 years of sobriety and have found great help, support and direction through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I realized early in my recovery journey that I had a passion for helping those afflicted with substance abuse. My passion led me to study toward my Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) degree. I am so excited to be a part of the Providence Farm family. I can’t wait to meet the clients and friends who join us here.

I know first-hand how difficult this path can be. I remember people asking me why I couldn’t “just stop” and questioning my “lack of willpower.” I know this path forward is different for each of us, and I’m looking forward to supporting our young men in their experience of recovery.

Other stuff on me: I have love affair with cars, mystery and suspense novels. I’m an abstract artist and I know how to sew, iron and ride backwards on a bicycle too! I love getting to know different people and learning about them.