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Our House

The Providence House

The Providence house, located at 1620 Sunset Ridge Road in Northbrook is located on 2.3 acres next to the forest preserve, with a barn, an exceptional outdoor patio, a pond and yards to house organic gardens and farm animals. Located within a moment’s drive to downtown Northbrook, the acreage and landscape creates a peaceful and private refuge within the Northbrook community.

Our home is fully furnished, renovated, and warmly maintained for family-style living. Household supplies, outside grilling, flat-screen televisions, cable, internet service and laundry are provided. In the spirit of family-style living, Providence residents share the kitchen and dining area, great room and recreation room in the basement (Ping-pong!). Residents cook for themselves and share in household chores. Providence promotes a positive peer culture where residents lead by example, maintain a positive and collaborative style of interaction and create a supportive fellowship.

Staff are located onsite in the house library and den. Peer support groups, private AA meetings and family visits are welcome in the chef’s kitchen and great room. The cozy great room is the center of the Providence home, and promotes connection among residents, staff and guests.

Residents share five well-sized double-occupancy bedrooms and four full, updated bathrooms located upstairs.

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Check out the farm

Yes, we have a farm onsite.