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Our Volunteers

Providence Farm has been supported by countless area businesses, religious organizations and individuals.

Special thanks to the advocacy, fundraising and volunteerism of:
  • Randi Valerious and Valerious Law, P.C.
  • Chad Freid and Castle Rock Builders
  • John Babos and All Power Construction
  • Attorney Amy Kurson with Reyes Kurson
  • Mike Shaw and Bill Anspach with Much Shelist, P.C.
  • Temple Jeremiah
  • St. Norbert Parish
  • Mark Eric Benner Architects, Ltd.
  • Adam Levin with Miller Advertising
  • Robbie Bills, Balance House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Individual Supporters include so many.
Providence wouldn’t BE without the community-spiritedness of our amazing neighbors.
  • Richard and Jackie Kincaid
  • Tracy Katz Muhl
  • Tom and Kristy Philbin
  • Peter and Sojourney Rallo
  • Rob and Janet Footlick
  • Mark and Julie Weinberg
  • Bruce and Laurie Klapman
  • Brett and Leslie Katz
  • David Katz
  • Ericka Foster
  • Amy Davis
  • Tonya Wallach
  • Meryl Rosen
  • Sara Valerious
  • Jason Milch
  • Jody Dickstein
  • Our incredible AA and Al-Anon community
Providence has been warmly supported by individual volunteers and donors,
led by our volunteer Foundation Board:
  • Julie Shaw, MSW Foundation Director
  • Jodi Levin, Foundation Secretary
  • Leslie Katz, M.Ed Foundation Treasurer

We Are Community