Kelsey Jablonski

Clinical Therapist

When I was an emerging teenager, my father found recovery after many years of a harsh addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The first year of his recovery was the toughest but the most transformative. I watched him struggle but more importantly I watched him grow into an amazing human being. The journey through his recovery was beautiful and inspiring. Through his experience, I was able to see many others achieve sobriety, including others in my own family, and always knew that my own path included continuing to assist those who are still struggling and their families.

I received my Masters of Social Work Degree from Loyola University and hold a Bachelor’s Degree from DePaul University in psychology and human development. I have worked in many different settings including Intensive Out Patient, Partial Hospitalization, long term individual therapy, and family programs at a clinical treatment center in Chicago, IL.

I recognize that each personal struggle holds its own uniqueness and understand the importance of meeting each client exactly where they are at. I use mindfulness with splashes of somatic therapy in helping to reduce cravings and to pay attention to thoughts and emotions as they arise. I am passionate about being open and attentive to the present moment and helping clients to establish and practice their own personal values. I have experience with 12-Step facilitation and enjoy helping clients incorporate aspects of 12-Step recovery into their lives.

I am extremely grateful to be part of the Providence Farm team and to work with our clients and their families.