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Step-Down & Leadership Program

After the first year or so of Providence Farm (PF), we realized we had something pretty special going on. Taking the journey into recovery inspires connection, community and incredible personal growth. PF guys were ready to transition to greater independence, but wanted to stay connected to newfound community, friendships, and a sober lifestyle.

The Elaine Apartments have partnered with PF to house our residents who qualify for this level of care by successful completion of the primary program. Participants in our step-down program must have the desire to continue to be of service and leadership for residents new to the PF community.

This program focuses on the idea of ‘reciprocity.” We are responsible for what we bring to our relationships and how we show up both in service and in soul.

I could have never anticipated the incredible gifts of the Leadership Program. I am certain I thought of every single thing that could possibly go wrong. What happens if someone relapses? What happens if someone refuses to come for their service commitment? I can honestly say I did not spend nearly the same time envisioning all that could go right.

We at PF have grown to see the incredible resource of support that the Leadership guys provide to what I have started to call “The Motherships.” On any given morning, we may welcome 5-6 Leadership Program residents who choose to join morning group. Their input reflects the value of their recovery efforts. Their willingness to be vulnerable invites openness among newer residents. Their continued investment in the PF residences strengthens us, and has created a sense of community leadership beyond anything I could have ever anticipated. PF has made the decision to both protect this incredible community and to invest in it.

PF Leadership Program commitments include:

  • Weekly leadership group meetings
  • Continued accountability via drug and alcohol testing
  • Quarterly leadership weekend trips
  • A weekly service commitment
  • Tuesday night PF all community AA meeting

PF Leadership Program Participants are also invited:

  • Daily morning groups
  • Primary program house trips
  • Tuesday night community dinner
  • Continued clinical relationship with PF primary therapist
  • North Shore Community Leadership
  • Participation in PF Peak Experience programming