Assistant Director of Residence Life & In-house Yoga/ Meditation Instructor

I believe the capacity to form meaningful connections is critical to our achievement of success, contentment and health.

I have always been drawn to work with young adults. After graduate school, I taught high school math in the Kenwood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.  Teaching has always been one  of my passions, but what I found most fulfilling was the connection to my students.

During my years at home parenting my four children, I became increasingly committed to a daily yoga and meditation practice, and ultimately earned a yoga teacher certification.

Yoga and meditation have been an integral part of my life since I was 18 years old.  These ancient practices are a building block for learning connection to ourselves.  The practice of yoga and meditation teaches us to look inward, to connect to our bodies and our minds without judgment, but in compassionate, gentle curiosity.

I feel deeply grateful to be a part of the Providence Team and part of this journey for the residents and their families.