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Community-based. Community-suported.

What does this really mean?
The primary goal of Providence has always been compassionate community. Acceptance. Engagement.
 Everything we know from research about recovery from substance use disorders tell us that community matters. We know that the stigma and marginalization of people with substance use disorders reinforces their disease.
If you are compelled to partner with Providence,
join us:
  • Host a dinner at the Providence residence. Help residents learn how to make a new recipe, and dine with us! We learn about you, and you learn about us. The Providence community hopes that many of our neighbors will get to know our residents, and see what recovery can look like. If you have loved ones who are in recovery or struggling with their addiction, we can share what we have learned through our own journeys.
  • We are always learning! Tutor, help us with papers, teach a trade, consider our residents for internships or jobs.
  • Work the farm. We are re-finishing our barn, working our grounds, creating happy space for our animal friends, and working our organic gardens. Join us!
  • In recovery? Interested in sponsoring or mentoring one of our residents? Please contact us.
  • Share your skills! We are always looking for yoga, fitness and meditation instructors, employment lawyers, educational advisors, nutritionists, doctors, therapists, artists and ANYONE who has a skill and wants to volunteer.

DONATE. Providence Farm has a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Foundation to assist families in joining our community. Please contact our Foundation Director, Julie Shaw, MSW at for more information.

Let’s be RADICAL and change this.

Let’s view recovery support as a community responsibility. People in recovery are our sons, our neighbors, our colleagues and friends. To quote Matt Yan from the Northbrook Tower, “The minute we think ‘that could never happen to me’ we have lost sight of our shared humanity.”