The “Fast Track” and Why it’s Not All That’s It Made Out to Be —Guy Sutherland

In this podcast episode of Success is Subjective, Guy Sutherland joins Joanna to share how what he thought would be the fast track to a life of success turned into a decade of chaos. Though, because of Guy’s chaotic 20’s he was able to be molded into who he is today, working in his purpose unlike many of his peers. Listen in for Guy’s insight on how the fast track might not be how you expect it to be and why it’s important to be open to help along the way.

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Providence Farm Testimonials

A short compilation of testimonials and experiences of Providence Farm residents.

Why Are We Friends: Stephanie Zwilling - September 2019

Why Are We Friends Podcast

This is a terrifying thought. One in seven Americans ages twelve and older abuse one form of drug, addiction is an epidemic. Luckily there is support, help and people who are willing to fight like hell to make sure it is there for everyone. Stephanie Zwilling is a therapist an advocate a person who stood up for people who needed a voice and refused to back down as she “dared” to bring a better life to kids in an upscale neighborhood that didn’t’ want her there.

Being a child of hippies, I stood with Stephanie, offered my support and fought for her, not knowing much about Stephanie the person, but supporting Stephanie the advocate.

Stephanie and I have been Facebook friends for two years, have seven friends in common and despite liking most everything she posts on Facebook, I don’t know a lot about her. But I want to find out.

Village of Northbrook Board Meeting - May 8, 2018

Providence Farm had a lengthy and emotional process in front of the Village of Northbrook. We had a hearty showing of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) proponents who wondered if Northbrook property values and safety would decline should the Village allow a space for a local recovery community. After one year in our home, the PF guys and families visited the Village of Northbrook to introduce ourselves and explain what a local recovery community has meant to us.

Village of Northbrook Planning Commission Meeting - January 17, 2017

Everything You Know About Addiction Is Wrong