Recovery Close to Home

Dear Ms. Frum,

I am writing you to express my profound appreciation for everything that Providence Farm and Stephanie Zwilling have done for my family and son.

[My son] was one of the first clients to take up residence at Providence Farm last August; and their multi-disciplined, community based approached to recovery has been nothing short of amazing.

I was skeptical enrolling [him] into a recovery program so close to home. However after sitting down with Stephanie and listening to her strong belief in the benefits of having [my son] in familiar surroundings, integrated with close family and relatives, it made a lot of sense – especially given that his previous away-from-home program was not successful.

The last eight months for [my son] has been life changing. The “Farm’s” unique mix of client specific therapy, residential peer-based support, staff mentoring, and the development of life skills, has truly been transformative for my son.

Their requirement of outside work experience, academics and financial budgeting has kept him rooted in the real world and taught him responsibility and independence.

What pleases me most as a parent, is to see how good [my son] feels about himself. He has a better understanding of how he is, and what he can achieve. Dealing with anxiety issues when he arrived, he’s now more confident that ever. Participating in AA and weekly house meetings gave him the strength and clarity to face addiction. He remains drug and alcohol free and committed to sobriety.

I cannot overstate how thankful I am, that my family “found the Farm”. Their processes and methods have been pure alchemy in helping [my son] deal with his issues head-on. Their tremendous commitment, along with his hard work, and the connections of friends and family, have allowed him to slowly peel back the layers, to find purpose, contentment, and self-worth.

[My son] will be graduating from the Farm in a few months and attending Lake Forest College full time in the fall. I can honestly say I’m not sure where he would be right now, without Providence Farm.