Director of Residence Life and Staff Therapist

“Click on the link below to watch the first time I saw Soj. Within the first minute of her time at the Village Board meeting, I knew she was amazing. Soj is -hands down- one of the strongest people I know. After a rough entry into her own young adulthood, (she would giggle and tell me: “understatement!”) she has ‘kicked ass and taken prisoners’ on her way through Loyola University’s MSW program. Summa Cum what? She has all of those bells and whistles, all the while being an exceptional mom and wife.”

– Stephanie Zwilling

I am thrilled to be a part of Providence Farm; it is such a unique program and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate group.

I attended Northbrook schools for sixth to tenth grade and recently moved back with my husband and our Three and a half year old. My son is obsessed with animals, which means I am learning a lot of valuable information about all types of creatures (do you know why giraffes have black tongues? I do!). We also spend a ton of time walking around town, searching for hidden gems (and insects) and visiting much of our extended family, unannounced because that’s what we’re like. I love to wander and explore; my dream vacation is a month long road trip and camping at all of the National Parks that’ll have us.

I think community is such an undervalued aspect of treatment and recovery. I graduated high school in Montana and my return home was rocky, at best. I am excited to help ease that transition for the men at Providence.