Program Coordinator and MSW Intern

I am thrilled to be a part of Providence Farm; it is such a unique program and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate group.

I attended Northbrook schools for sixth to tenth grade and recently moved back with my husband and our two year old. My son is obsessed with animals, which means I am learning a lot of valuable information about all types of creatures (do you know why giraffes have black tongues? I do!). We also spend a ton of time walking around town, searching for hidden gems (and insects) and visiting much of our extended family, unannounced because that’s what we’re like. I love to wander and explore; my dream vacation is a month long road trip and camping at all of the National Parks that’ll have us.

I think community is such an undervalued aspect of treatment and recovery. I graduated high school in Montana and my return home was rocky, at best. I am excited to help ease that transition for the men at Providence. I began college at twenty eight years old and I am finishing my MSW next spring.